Ai Maz

Mariane (Maz)


Psychic Medium, Healer & Mentor

My own journey has done a 180 degree turn to bring me here to this path. I am living proof that when the universe wants you on a certain path to fulfill your purpose it will do anything to make it happen. My life experiences, good and bad, gifted children, family, career, business, illness, travel, marriage, divorce combined with my Psychic Medium gift, I feel and know that I am on my true path to help guide others struggling through their own battles on their journey.

I am a straight to the point Psychic Medium. If there is something you need to hear to help guide you on your life path, I won’t hesitate to tell you. If required, I can and will assist you by teaching you tools to break through the blockages that hold you back from being the best you.

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