Past Life Regression
Past Life Regression


Past Life Regression

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$90.00 One on One Session

Do you have certain fears and anxieties that you can’t explain?

Do you feel there are blockages in your life that you can’t explain?

Discovering the reasons behind some of your behaviours, character traits, relationship difficulties and unexplained physical conditions add to the many reasons to be a part of this amazing opportunity. Once you have an understanding of an event which created fears, phobia, or recurring situations, it opens the space to be removed and healed which allows you to move forward in this life.

These answers lie deep in your subconscious from your previous incarnations. A past life regression session with Ioanna Vana Michael can assist you to access the answers you require to remove these blockages from this life and give you a true understanding of yourself allowing the flow of growth to begin.

All bookings contact Nola 0477 990 771

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