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Removal of Spiritual Attachments

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About Our Removal of Spiritual Attachments

Spirits can attach to an individual, surroundings or objects.

Having a spiritual attachment will affect a person emotionally, physically and spiritually. This worsens the longer the spirit is attached to them. Most people go through life not even realising they have an attachment even though it is causing them major issues in their lives.

If a spirit is attached to someone most people start to act out behaviours that the spirit carried out while they were alive. ie If the spirit had an out of control temper the person it is attached to starts to become irritable and bad tempered. Spirits will attach to people that they can resonate with or if the person reminds them of someone they knew while alive.

Karmic attachments are normally someone that people have met while this person was alive. They attach because there are unresolved issues between them. This also can be an experience from a past life.

To ensure that you truly require this service we have changed the way bookings are done so we do not waste your time or money.

We will contact you to complete your booking once Dirk has assessed your answers to the questions and give you costing so you can secure your booking with payment.

Signs of an attachment:

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